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    The right color and design can define you to your friends. Tattoo services available with us are designed using gothic and new-age prints. And the sessions do not take very long, thanks to the dexterity and experience of our tattoo artists. Ready to look a little more serious in life then? You can use henna for your hair or for your body. Indian folklore has it that the application of Henna or Mehndi on specific parts of the body like head, hands, and feet, calm the senses and refresh the mind. At Glamour Looks Salon, you rediscover inner peace as exquisite henna designs are drawn onto your beautiful hands and legs. Henna tattoos look glamorous, don’t they?

    • Prices
      Front & Back$15.00
      Engagement Henna$80.00 & up
      Bridal Henna $150.00 & up