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  • Linda R.

    Long overdue review “Preet” is amazing! My first appointment at Glamour Looks was just year ago in November 2013. She really does a great job with my highlights and brazilian wax. Supper friendly staff and amazing prices beauty salon in farmington. I’ve also gone tanning in their standup booth and left with a beautiful glow.

    I LOVED what she did! Not only that, she was friendly and quick! I’m in a wedding in a few months and I have a few wedding-related events to attend and I plan on heading in for a trim, maybe some color, oh and I would love a spray tan! They are totally affordable, which is difficult to find in Farmington mi (^!^)-.


    Kathy M.

    Totally check this place out for eyebrow threading this is the perfect place because their price and services are much better than others now i am a regular visitor since last year! ) highly recommend this place to my family and friends. Next week i make an appointment for laser hair removal with “Hasna” she is very nice and professional but the problem is she cant speak English very well, but her work is her language.!


    Deep R.

    I always get my eyebrows and facial done from this Salon. Prices are very reasonable but no compromise on quality. I go every month for microdermabrasion facial which helped in improving texture of my skin a lot as i had a lot of open pores because of acne. I am going to continue it in future too. I never have to tell Preet about making eyebrows. She always do a very good job and know how to give a better shape without any pain. I will definitely recommend everyone to go to this salon to enjoy their different services at reasonable prices:)


    Jana W.

    I have been looking for a good salon to get my eyebrow done for a months! Finally found a great place….Preet’s salon is nice, clean, very friendly and Preet is truly talented artist and cosmetologist…my eyebrow never looked better! Thank you so much Preet! I had bad experience with other salons, but I can see why Preet’s salon has always 5 stars and great reviews! I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!!


    Gazra K.

    Glamour Looks Salon is the Best, here I can say most affordable waxing salon in the city!!! The owner and other staff was sooo friendly and professional, I will be highly recommending this place to all of my friends and the people they are looking beauty salon near farmington, mi. The service was outstanding and the prices are super affordable for all. I showed up for my appointment 2 hours early because I got out of work earlier than expected and the owner was nice enough to squeeze me in and take me early. I live in novi, where I can find 100 other places to go, but I will definitely be coming back here from now on! It’s well worth place! you should at least one visit at this place.


    Dolle E.

    I haven’t been to a salon in years (I’ve been going to my dad’s arabic salon;- so my hair needed a huge make over. Initially I had the hopes and dreams of going from a dark brown natural shade. After consulting with Preet (Owner), I decided to go with a more natural, healthy, beautiful look for myself. She assured me that I could still have a new look by incorporating more subtle changes without damaging my hair (in fact making it healthier)! Cool..

    She proposed that I add some highlights around my face and then cover my whole head with a darker hue. Over time, the darker hue will fade and reveal the hidden highlights so I will incrementally achieve the change in my look. The space is also rather rad, very homey and full of fun vintage artifacts. Last time I was in they were setting up for an art show. Lovel;y.She’s mellow and just knows how to do hair. Completely trustworthy. I was a different girl before I met Preet! Sometimes when I’m at her chair we laugh about those early day, or maybe it’s just me laughing. Dreamers and Make Believers will give you the cut you already rock in your dreams. Put your hair on the chopping block and they’ll make you a believer. Believe me their price and services are awesome best salon in farmington town. I will visit again and again here……good luck!:).


    Sandeep K.

    I love love this place! I have just returned from my appointment and someone stopped me in the street and said “oh my god, your hair looks amazing, where do you get it done?” – - wow, this was such a compliment. actually i tried this salon as my sister recommend it and i realize that Glamour Looks is one of the best salons in farmington and their competitive price too. believe me I have tried a few! whenever i visit their salon “Preet” always give me a gorgeous and a stunning well come smile and for me always her smile is like a breath of spring. I have been going for 5 months…. that is a miracle in hairdressing world! Highly Recommended Full Service Salon, i will go back soon for Waxing too!….


    Gagan R.

    It was my first time visiting this Salon and it was awesome.I got my facial and hair cut done. Preet did a very good. Facial was very relaxing, she gave me very good massage. Also, i loved the way she did my hair cut, it was perfect. I will surely go there next time too and i highly recommend everybody to go and enjoy this new salon’s services.


    Stella W.

    It was my first time visiting this Salon and it was awesome.I got my facial and hair cut done. Preet did a very good. Facial was very relaxing, she gave me very good massage. Also, i loved the way she did my hair cut, it was perfect. I will surely go there next time too and i highly recommend everybody to go and enjoy this new salon’s services.


    Neha N.

    Glamour Looks is one of the best salon and spa in farmington. This place is always one of the first spots to pop up and it is so highly rated on it ! They do offer a lot of different services so that could explain the rating. I’ve been here twice: once for the mani/pedi and once for a facial. Both visits were incredible. I would give the manicure and pedicure 5 stars and the facial 5 star – thus five stars overall. Also, overall, the service was decent and it is convenient. The manicure and pedicure was special to me. The owner knows how to treat customers and understand all the requirement before treating you. In fact, it’s even like homely behavior. It was also really crowded when I went (weekend afternoon in the summer) so I will suggest everyone to take an appointment before reaching out there. Overall I must say that I will be visiting again and again and highly recommended to all.


    Frank S.

    Found this place while driving by. I tried facial and felt refreshed. Welcoming atmosphere and got self help tips as well. Guess i will be visiting this place more often.


    Sukhman B.

    Great service every time I go to Glamour looks. Great location as well. I have been getting my eyebrows done from Preet for years and love the work every time. Also the facials are amazing and very relaxing. I usually don’t have time to make an appointment and usually walk-in and the staff is very friendly and helpful and accommodate very easily. I would recommend this salon to everyone, so if you need to get yours eyebrows done, hair styled, waxing, or facials this is the place to go.