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  • Waxing Hair Removal
    Waxing Hair Removal

    Getting rid of body or facial hair is easy owing to the method of waxing. Glamour Looks Salon offers specialized and high quality waxing services like Brazilian waxing, bikini waxing, and facial waxing. Separate waxing services for eyebrows are also available with us. Since the hair is removed from the roots, stubbles or grow-backs are impossible. Read More

  • Hair Care
    Hair Care

    Get the best in hair styling with Glamour Looks Salon. We color, straighten, and style hair according to the person’s tastes. We straighten hair, we cut, style, and color them. In short, we love your hair more than you do! Get ready for an all new yourself discovered and shaped by our hair specialist. Read More

  • Manicure And Pedicure
    Manicure And Pedicure

    The experience is further complete when you opt for our manicure and pedicure services, both of which are administered using the best beauty care products and solutions. And the ambiance in our salon does the rest of the magic. Read More

  • Facial & Skin Treatment
    Facial & Skin Treatment

    Soothing facials are a favorite with our customer base. And we ensure that the best ingredients go into those masks and massages. Facials and skin treatment that are administered follow set standards in protocols and ingredients. So, you can be sure of getting the best results, at costs so easily affordable that your skin brightens as soon as you learn of our offers. Read More

  • Henna Tattoos
    Henna Tattoos

    The calmness of Henna is something that leaves the body and mind feeling peaceful and rested. Henna designs that make your hands and legs look exquisitely printed are available with us, Gorgeous and glamorous, henna tattoos are another form of services that keep women thronging to our salon, one of the best in Farmington. Read More

  • Makeup

    Be it bridal make-up or casual make-up, our salon is a one stop destination for swift and impressive make-up sessions. The artistes create the eye and lip make-up of your choice and follow it up with face make-up that suits your skin type, color, and tone best. Rely on us and you will look beautiful in a matter of few minutes. Read More

  • Laser Hair Removal
    Laser Hair Removal

    Lasers are useful for removing unwanted hair from the face, leg, arm, underarm, bikini line, and other areas. Lasers can selectively target dark, coarse hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Ninety percent of patients have permanent hair loss after an average of three to five sessions. Read More

  • Threading

    Facial hair has a tendency to grow back fast if they were not carefully removed earlier on. Glamour Looks Salon offer threading services that ensure that the process is fast, painless, and complete. Threading for upper lip, eyebrow, and entire face is available. And after each session you feel so completely rejuvenated that it shows on your neatly done skin. Read More

  • Our Hot Offers
    Our Hot Offers

    Prices Eyebrow Threading$5.00 Brazilian Wax$35.00 Full Arms Wax$25.00 Full Back Wax$25.00 Microdermabrasion$45.00 Get Appointment!Read More